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trek on the streetTwo years ago today I phoned up a bike shop to enquire about a Trek 1.1 they had in the sale. A week later I handed over 450 quid and started cycling again. In the time since then it has been ridden more days than it hasn’t. It has travelled over 12,000 miles and climbed more that 600,000 feet. That’s half way around the world and half way to the International Space Station. It’s been down the shops and over mountains. It’s been ridden to work and around islands. It’s been ridden hard and soft pedalled, and sometimes simply rolls along. It’s had tarmac, gravel, rocks, mud, chalk, grass, ice, and snow beneath it’s wheels. It’s been leant against lamp posts, bus shelters, hedges, cafes, pubs, gates, fences and trees. It has cast strong shadows and sprayed water up my back. A few bits and bobs have been worn out and replaced. On occasions it has worn me out. The paintwork has gained some scratches, chips and stickers. In the summer it has different wheels. In the winter it has mudguards. It’s made friends that it sometimes rides with, but mostly meanders around on its own taking in the view. The journey is always more important than the destination. It has more journeys to make.

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