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London X League team champs

Wrapping up warm, and packing a saddlebag with a bigger coat, a bobble hat, a cow bell, and a flask of hot whisky mac I headed north into a relentless headwind to go support (heckle) Jo, John, Nick, Paul, and Dan, in the London X League team champs on Sunday. The usual winter weekend past time of standing in a muddy field shouting abuse at muddier friends. Was so cold afterwards couldn’t quite face the ride home back over the downs, so got a lift west so I could warm up in the van and find a flatter route home. Hopping out not far from the Downs Link I quickly bumped into Tim and Andy from Velo Bagarreur, who organised last week’s cyclocross race. Popped into Stan’s Bike Shack for a cup of tea and chat before a quick blast along the Downs Link watching the sun set over Chanctonbury Ring on the South Downs.

IMG_20150202_064157 IMG_20150202_064227 IMG_20150202_064127 IMG_20150202_064305[1] IMG_20150201_194330IMG_20150201_200806 IMG_20150201_195017 IMG_20150201_194003 IMG_20150201_194255 IMG_20150201_194222 IMG_20150202_064054 IMG_20150202_064005

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