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Brighton Big Dog 2016

Having decided not to race this year’s Brighton Big Dog I helped taping out the course, then faffed about taking photos, filled tea urns for a bit, and then helped untape the course. Stunning day for it this year, mostly sunny for spectators but shaded over for an hour or two mid-afternoon so it was a bit cooler in the woods for the racers. Saw and chatted with lots of friends, and drank tea and beer with them too. Photos were mostly badly exposed and out of focus so dropped them into Lightroom and applied every filter I could think of. Full set on flickr.

BrightonBigDog2016-5567 BrightonBigDog2016-5445 BrightonBigDog2016-5504 BrightonBigDog2016-5581 BrightonBigDog2016-5641 BrightonBigDog2016-6190 BrightonBigDog2016-6367 BrightonBigDog2016-6538 BrightonBigDog2016-6042 BrightonBigDog2016-5760

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