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2018 || 4

Rain. Looking at maps. Bar tape.

An overcast day but real darkness doesn’t fall until I’m halfway across the Tye. True darkness envelops me in the hinterland of Saltdean.

Days of rain. Work from home. Hide inside. Set an early alarm one morning when the forecast predicts a sunny morning. I wake up to the sound of rain and go back to sleep. By the start of work it’s a clear blue sky and I’m annoyed I stayed in bed.

The long way in to make up for days of frustration. Oh and how! A glittering path. alittlebitoutofcontrolunclipjustincaseohshitdontcrashstayupright! A sheep sneezes. Magical light. The shadow of a hill. Smile inanely as I career down a hillside – don’t hit the sheep don’t hit the sheep don’t hit the sheep don’t hit the sheep. Coffee and eccles cakes at the bus station. Aching legs under the desk.

Go stamp collecting for the first time in ages. The start of a Brevet des Grimpeurs du Sud series maybe, AAARTY possibly. The usual dirty lanes and changeable weather; Low sun and shouting “ICE!” at the start, socks squelching in shoes by the end. Warm up in the chippy near the station with mugs of tea and laughter. Wonder if the Help The Aged charity shop over the road will have a large woolly jumper.

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