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Grew up in Surrey. Rode, broke, fixed, rattly can sprayed and built various bikes as a kid, then got a road bike as a teen. Rode to Cornwall one summer. Went to art school, lived by the sea, studied painting, sold my road bike, bought a mountain bike. Left art school, moved back to Surrey, did this and that. Started doing mail art under the pseudonym The Man From ICON. Drifted away from pushbikes. Rode a Vespa to Italy one summer. Got a job in an office. Found a studio, did some paintings, made some sculptures. Drove across America one summer. Moved to Brighton. Got another studio, did more painting, made more sculptures. Did some exhibitions. Left office job. Built artists studios with friends. Did more exhibitions. Had to get another office job. Spent a month in Norway on an artists residency. Started taking photographs. Made films for film festivals. Drove a campervan around New Zealand. Did more exhibitions. Watched the northern lights in the Arctic Circle. Bought another road bike after a gap of 20 years. First ride nearly killed me. Had to lie on the floor afterwards. Loved it. Got back into riding bikes. Met other people into riding bikes. Really got back into riding bikes. Almost constantly restless. Often to be found looking at maps or staring out of a window.

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