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I turn left at the bottom of the road…

…and I start to climb and climb and climb. From the river’s edge to meet the rising sun. Out of the shadows, layer upon layer of blue-green hills stretch away and morph into the sky. Out of the valley and onto the plateau, the horizon jagged like the torn edge of a piece of paper. Land ripples and rolls, rouleur country. Below to my left mist betrays the course of the river in the gorge. To my right the silhouettes of the big hills loom. That is where I’m heading.

IMG_20140926_175726 IMG_20140926_180238 IMG_20140926_180429 IMG_20140927_134154 IMG_20140926_180852 IMG_20140926_181416 IMG_20140926_181641 IMG_20140926_181813 IMG_20140926_182642 IMG_20140926_183545 IMG_20140926_183914 IMG_20140926_184735 IMG_20140926_185608 IMG_20140926_185946 IMG_20140926_191034 IMG_20140926_191217 IMG_20140926_191620 IMG_20140926_192857

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