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South Downs Way Commuting

Making the most of office flexitime and some ridiculously good late October weather

IMG_20141028_092247 IMG_20141028_092639 IMG_20141028_093237 IMG_20141028_093550 IMG_20141028_093847 IMG_20141028_094103 IMG_20141028_094606 IMG_20141028_095127 IMG_20141028_095305 IMG_20141028_095626 IMG_20141028_102234 IMG_20141028_170337 IMG_20141028_171312 IMG_20141028_172958 IMG_20141030_172024 IMG_20141031_065531 IMG_20141031_070946 IMG_20141031_073943 IMG_20141031_074145 IMG_20141031_074812 IMG_20141031_082033 IMG_20141031_083103 IMG_20141031_084355 IMG_20141031_091055

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  1. looks lovely – was down your way in the summer and rode a bit of the SDW around the Hartings – could see the tower thing in Portsmouth – so near to so many people but so peaceful

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