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One frame at a time

A craftsman at work, a skill that is second nature: Cut, grind, file, clamp, fit, braze, weld. Repeat. Back and forth, here, there, this bench, that jig. Sparks flying from grinders, the flash and whoosh of the torch being lit, red hot lugs and smoking bottom brackets. A day of turning straight lines into triangles, into frames, a pile of steel tubes gradually transformed into something that looks like the bicycle I rode down here on this morning.

All the while, the syncopated background sound of

click    click  click      click  click-ick    click click    click   click

the cameras catching it all, frame by frame.

Timelapse film of Reilly Cycle Works out in January 2016.

IMG_20151215_101841 IMG_20151215_140840 IMG_20151215_162236 IMG_20151216_092240 IMG_20151216_092334 IMG_20151216_092920 IMG_20151216_095926 IMG_20151216_202413 IMG_20151217_063021

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