Road to Rouen

I was invited by the nice people over at Victor and Liberty to write something for their blog. They asked a couple of weeks before I had a day trip to France planned so that became the story. Click any of the images below to read the full post.

RoadToRouen-0129 RoadToRouen-0134 RoadToRouen-0150 RoadToRouen-0178 RoadToRouen-0199

2 thoughts on “Road to Rouen

  1. Enjoyed the post, especially the line: I realise I can see without the need for lights. It must be day.

    That’s an odd feeling, when eyes conditioned to the low night light and mind slow with sleep, you’re hit with the realisation, hey, who turned the lights on?

    How was the bag you tested? I’ve been looking at something like this instead of panniers.

  2. thanks. i love riding at dawn, the changing light is a beautiful thing to watch.

    the bag was fantastic, really impressed. i’m riding to Bristol for Bespoked next week, and then off to Spain for a week at the end of April, so this ride was a bit of a test run for that. along with a framebag and small cockpit bag it’s the ideal set up for light touring. i’ve also got Carradice saddlebag, bar bag and front panniers, so i should have options for all eventualities now 🙂 i have to say that the stability with this style of saddlebag is better than with a large traditional one. also the fact this was a holster system so i could whip out the drybag when i stopped and on ferry made it very versatile. even though it’s a max capacity of 13 litres it seems to hold a lot of stuff.

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