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Six Days of Lot

wp-1475425397487.jpg wp-1475425628486.jpg wp-1475425638200.jpg wp-1475425654030.jpg wp-1475425766823.jpg wp-1475425761173.jpg wp-1475425757251.jpg wp-1475425753590.jpg wp-1475425771202.jpg wp-1475425781169.jpg wp-1475426923083.jpg wp-1475661581047.jpg wp-1475661587585.jpg wp-1475661627205.jpg wp-1475661655493.jpg wp-1475661612439.jpg wp-1475661600434.jpg wp-1475661594170.jpgwp-1475662044404.jpg wp-1475662075172.jpg

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    • thanks. and yep, with phone. samsung S6. really impressed with camera on this phone. some manual focusing and light metering possible. these were then all tweaked using Instagram. for other posts I’ve used Adobe Lightroom to edit phone photos.

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