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Meridian Hills [AAA Brevet des Grimpeurs du Sud 200km audax perm]

Meeting friends on a cold dark petrol station forecourt. Sunrise viewed from up the hill by the golf course, a huge orange disc seemingly rising from the silver sea. Down on the weald frozen puddles and glistening hedgerow. Icy bends in the hollows, cornering by trying not to steer, a foot unclipped and leg held out for balance. Friends turning for home on the edge of the Ashdown Forest. I continue up and over and it won’t be the last time today. Too low reservoirs. Windmills and castles. Over the motorway between the two ridges. A red London bus and another petrol station forecourt. Back over the two ridges and across the lumps as the sun rolls behind the hills of the Ashdown. Pooh Corner. Sitting in a bus stop searching for train stations on the map – too far away, may as well continue. Climbing Black Hill in the dark (again). Yet another petrol station forecourt. Eating crisps whilst staring at my feet. Nose down on the main road, finding the easiest way home.

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October 2016 – Brighton to Cambridge, Cambridge to Brighton 200 DIYs
November 2016 – Tour of Sussex randonnee 200 DIY
December 2016 – Meridian Hills 200 Perm
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