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Transcontinental pt.IV – scratch to Poland via CP3

The amount of mess we could make seemed inversely proportional to how much stuff we were carrying. The rest of the room and bathroom look like an explosion in a laundrette.

Officially out of the race so race cap rolled up into bivvy kit for the remainder of the trip.

Hunkered down in Poprad for 36 hours whilst working out a plan to get home.

Flights home booked from Krakow in Poland for a few days later so the scenic route is plotted.

…but first CP3 has to be ticked off. We had to go back over the Tatras mountains to get to Poland so it made sense to go to CP3 on the way. Maybe not made sense but needed to be done.


CP3 in sunshine, which it wouldn’t have been a couple of days before. We probably wouldn’t have been able to see the view, we would have climbed into cloud.

…and back down from CP3.

Into the wilderness. It all went a bit bandit country for a short while in the borderlands between Slovakia and Poland.

Ice creams and brass band music over tannoys throughout the town.

Almost the last view of the High Tatras.

The last view of the High Tatras.

Welcome to Poland.

Bivvy with a view. Sienna. Not the Italian one.

Ice creams at 8.30 in the morning. It was already hot.

“Honestly, Google maps says this is a cycle route.”

Coffee and ice tea and washing my shoes in a river.

More bus shelter glamour. Also, never trust a Garmin to find the nice way to somewhere.

Kazimierz district of Krakow.

Kazimierz district of Krakow.


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  1. What an experience Gav – an amazing / heartbreaking journey. I’m sure you’ll complete it sometime. Great writing and beautiful pictures. Publish a book!

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