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Newhaven – Welcome to England

Rolling off the ferry at Newhaven it’s lashing down, absolute stair-rods. I get to the train station only to discover there are no trains this weekend. It may be the metal roof of the station but the rain sounds like it’s getting harder. I zip up my waterproof jacket and pull up my buff. Four very drunk teenagers walk through the gate. One lad says “I need a piss” and strolls off down the platform.

Very pissed girl: “Hello”

Me: “Hello”

“Are you English?”


“That’s good. Where do you live?”


“Why have you come here? Have you been here all day!?”

“No, I’ve been to France.”


(a few seconds silence)

“What’s it like?”

“It’s nice. It was sunny there.”


“Yeah. Has it been raining here all day?”

“Yeah. All day. It’s rained here all day. It rains every day.”

“OK, thanks. Bye.”

“It rains all the time here.”

(It stops raining over the hill)

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